With ever increasing fuel prices, consumers are always looking for ways to save on rising fuel bills.
Can fitting a fuel saving device to your vehicle improve fuel consumption?

The short answer is no, none of these devices work.

Turboflo Fuel Saver,Cyclone Fuel Saver,Magnet Fuel Saver,Ionizer Fuel Saver,Stromberg Fuel Saver

A search of the internet for fuel savers will provide you with thousands of websites offering various fuel saving devices. Every time the fuel price jumps, more of these sites pop up offering big savings to your fuel bill for a few bucks. All these sites will offer all kinds of pseudo-science and explanations which often sound credible. The major trend is also to include testimonials from happy customers, which are either based on non-scientific short term testing or even made up on the spot.

Some of these vortex type devices, were EPA tested in the USA and actually found to increase fuel consumption. The science behind this is simple. These devices actually restrict some of the airflow to the engine as they are taking up space in the air intake pipe. This results in less air getting to the engine, a lower air/fuel ratio and thereby increased fuel use.

With increasing pressure on vehicle manufacturers to make more economical, more environmentally friendly vehicles, millions is spent on Research and Development every year. If a simple, cheap device such as those offered on the internet had any merit, they would be fitted to every vehicle manufactured. The fact that NO vehicle manufacturer makes use of ANY of these devices speaks for itself.

Are there any fuel saving methods that do work?

One of the easiest ways to ensure the best fuel consumption is to make sure you car is properly maintained and tyres kept correctly inflated. Adjusting your driving style can make a big difference as well, and costs nothing.